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Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Lab: Provides facilities for training basic & advanced concept of organic chemistry.
Pharmaceutical Medical Chemistry Lab: Practical related to synthetic medicinal chemistry are conducted in this lab.
Pharmaceutical Biochemistry & Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab: Various  practical on analysis of biochemical constituents of body, pharmaceutical  formulations & drug products are performed.
Instrumentation Lab:
  Highlights of this lab having various modern instruments like HPLC, FTIR, double and single beam UV spectroscopy, Brookfield viscometer, IR moisture balance, dissolution test apparatus and many other sophisticated
M. Pharmacy
Pharmaceutics 15 seats
Pharmaceutical Chemistry 15 seats
Pharmacology 15 seats
Pharmaceutical Analysis 15 seats
B. Pharmacy 60 seats
B. Pharmacy  Lateral Entry into 2nd Year  
D. Pharmacy 60 seats