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Pharmacology Lab I AND II

The lab is equipped with sophisticated instruments like Isolated organ bath, Assemblies for Isolated tissue experiments, Rota rod apparatus, Analgesiomenter, Convulsiometer, Cook’s Pole apparatus etc. Various experiments set up of the lab include isolated tissue experiments. In vivo pharmacological screening experiments for CNS, CVS, Respiratory, GIT, Renal drugs.

Anatomy Physiology Lab

The lab has sophisticated instruments like Haemocytometers, B.P. Measurement apparatus, ECG machine, Spirometer, Muscle Physiology experiment apparatus, Isolated heart experiments, Anatomical Models and Charts etc. Various experiments set up of the lab include Basic haematological Experiments, Respiratory and Cardiovascular physiology experiments, and experiments on human anatomy using histological slides, anatomy charts and models

M. Pharmacy
Pharmaceutics 15 seats
Pharmaceutical Chemistry 15 seats
Pharmacology 15 seats
Pharmaceutical Analysis 15 seats
B. Pharmacy 60 seats
B. Pharmacy  Lateral Entry into 2nd Year  
D. Pharmacy 60 seats