Vision of IQAC

Its aim is to introduce a consistent plan of action that would lead the organization towards progress.

It involves preparing strategies for –

  • Efficient & timely work processes
  • Academic research & programs
  • Affordable & innovative approaches
  • Use of ICT for modernization of education
  • The best assessment process for maintaining quality
  • Ensuring the best infrastructure to achieve goals.

Functions Of IQAC

  • Setting quality benchmarks with consistent work
  • Creating parameters to reach academic as well as non-academic learning goals
  • Creating a student-centric teaching-learning environment
  • Enabling faculty to efficiently use edTech tools for innovation in education
  • Considering the feedback of students, faculty & parents for the best practices
  • Organizing various workshops & seminars for the quality education environment
  • Documenting all the activities in chronological order & keeping a tab on improvements
  • Preparing 100% accurate MIS reports for NAAC