Vision & Mission

The Vision and Mission of the Institute


“To excel in the field of pharmaceutical education and research by constant innovative efforts in order to achieve the quality¬† standards”


To empower the pharmaceutical industry and academics by producing skilled and innovative manpower that is competent for playing its role as an integral part of health services team. To instil the abilities of creativity, scientific temperament, dynamism, social awareness and inquisitiveness for knowledge, in order to ensure overall development in a highly competent environment. We have directed our endeavours to the process of realizing our Vision and Mission to ensure that our students excel with competence.

Our Vision and Mission are a result of extensive analysis of the knowledge and skills expected from pharmaceutical manpower in 21st century. We critically examined our strengths and weaknesses and the factors affecting them in order to achieve our aimed objectives by converting our threats into opportunities. The stakeholders of the institute are actively and progressively involved in creating, evolving and implementing the Vision and Mission of the institute so as to achieve our intended goals in a time bound way.