Curricular Aspects/ Criteria 1

1.1. Curricular planning and implementation
1.2. Academic Flexibility
1.2.1 CertificateList of Students
1.3 Curriculum Enrichmet
1.3.2Project Work
1.4 Feedback SystemFeedback FormsFeedback AnalysisAction Taken

Teaching-Learning and Evaluation/ Criteria 2

2.1 Student Enrollment and Profile
2.1 Enrollment PercentageList of StudentsSanction
2.2 Reserved CategoryList of StudentsPolicy
2.3 Teaching- Learning Process
2.4 Teacher Profile and Quality
2.4.1 Full Time Teacher
2.4.2 Percentage of full time teachers with
2.5 Evaluation Process and Reforms
Students Performance and Learning outcomes
2.6.1 Program Outcomes
2.6.2 Attainment of CO and PO
2.6.3 Pass Percentage

Research, Innovations and Extension/ Criteria 3

3.2 Innovation Ecosystem
3.2.1 Institutional Innovation
3.2.2 Number of workshops /seminarsSeminars 2022-23Seminars 2021-22Seminar 2020-21Seminar 2019-20Seminar 2018-19
3.3 Research Publications and Awards
3.3.1 Papers
3.3.2 Book/Chapters
3.4 Extension Activities
3.4.1 Outcomes of Extension activities
3.4.2 Awards and Recognitions
3.4.3 Extension and outreach programsDetailed ReportPhotographs
3.5 CollaborationMoUSupporting Document

Infrastructure and Learning Resources/ Criteria 4

4.1 Physical Facilities
4.1.2 Percentage of expenditure for infrastructure development and augmentation
4.2 Library as a Learning Resource
4.3 IT Infrastructure
4.3.2 Student – Computer ratio (Data for the latest completed academic year)
4.4 Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure

Student Support and Progression/ Criteria 5

5.1. Student Support
5.1.1 Student Benefited by ScholarshipsList of StudentsSanction Letter

Governance, Leadership and Management/ Criteria 6

6.1 Institutional Vision and Leadership
6.2 Strategy Development and Deployment
6.2.2 Institution implements e-governance in its operations
A Screen Shot of e-governanceB Annual e-governance expenditure reportC E-governance Report_
6.3Faculty Empowerment Strategies
6.3.3 Percentage of teaching and non-teaching staff participating in Faculty development Programmes
A Faculty refresher Course.B Copy of the certificates of the program attended by teachers.C Annual Report FDP
6.4 Financial Management and Resource Mobilization
6.5 Internal Quality Assurance SystemIQAC
6.5.2 Quality assurance initiatives of the institution
ISO Audit CertificatesAAA_Collaborative Quality Initiatives_

Institutional values and Best Practices/ Criteria 7

Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities
7.1.2: The Institution has facilities and initiatives for
Policy DocumentGeotagged PhotosCirculars and report of activitiesBills
7.1.3Curriculum Enrichmet
Audit Report from recognised bodiesBeyond the campus activitiesPolicy Document
7.1.4: Describe the Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment
7.2 Best Practices
7.3: Institutional Distinctiveness